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China's capital city, Beijing, has a vibrant history and culture. Many historic sites, including the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, and the Summer Palace, can be found there. A contemporary metropolis with a bustling skyline and a booming economy is Beijing. The city is a significant hub for finance, trade, and transportation, and it is home to numerous institutions and research centres. Beijing is a well-liked tourist destination that is renowned for its delectable cuisine, exciting nightlife, and welcoming locals. The Chinese emperors lived in the Forbidden City, a palace complex, for more than 500 years. The emperors worshiped heaven at the complex of religious structures known as the Temple of Heaven.

The Summer Palace is a sizable park that served as the emperors' summer vacation destination. In the centre of Beijing is a sizable public square called Tiananmen Square. Traditional Chinese opera, the Beijing Opera, is distinguished by its extravagant scenery and costumes. A well-known Beijing dish made with roasted duck is called Peking duck. The Hutongs are the small, winding lanes that have long been a feature of Beijing's urban environment. A network of fortifications known as the Great Wall of China was constructed to defend China from invaders.

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