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The main city and commercial centre of Sri Lanka is Colombo. It is situated on a natural harbour on the island's west shore. The city is a significant hub for trade, finance, and tourism with a population of about 7 million. Colombo is a multicultural city with a lengthy past. Portuguese colonists established it in the sixteenth century, and the Dutch and British later came to control it. Many of the colonial-era structures from the city's architecture are still in existence today. There are many historical sites in Colombo, such as the Fort, Pettah Market, and the Gangaramaya Temple. The National Museum and the Colombo Museum are only two of the city's many museums. Its advantageous location is on a natural harbour, which has long made it a significant commercial port.

 Its multicultural population is made up of a mixture of Moors, Tamils, Sinhalese, and other ethnic groups. Its colonial architecture and other historical sites are evidence of its extensive history. its vivacious culture, which is evident in its food, celebrations, and handicrafts. Its contemporary amenities, which include retail centres, dining options, and hotels, are comparable to those found in any large city worldwide.

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