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The capital and largest city of Saudi Arabia is Riyadh. On a sizable plateau in the Najd region, it is located in the middle of the Arabian Peninsula. With a population of nearly 7 million, the city serves as the nation's principal economic, political, and cultural hub.

Riyadh is a contemporary metropolis with a blend of old and new buildings. Traditional mud-brick structures can be found in the city's historic core, whereas high-rise towers and contemporary commercial centres can be seen in the city's more recent neighbourhoods. The King Abdulaziz Historical Centre, the National Museum, and the National Library are just a few of the city's cultural landmarks The average temperature in Riyadh ranges from 60°F to 100°F, making it a hot desert city. The summers are long and dry, and the city gets very little rain. The city of Riyadh is expanding quickly, and in the years to come, growth is anticipated to continue. The city is a significant centre for trade and business, and it is also growing in popularity as a travel destination.

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