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The capital of Indonesia's East Java province is Surabaya. Jakarta is the second-largest city in Indonesia. Surabaya is situated on the Madura Strait, on the north-eastern coast of the island of Java. Over 2.87 million individuals call the city home. Surabaya is a bustling, vast city with a mix of contemporary skyscrapers, canals, and structures from its former Dutch colonial era. Chinatown and the Arab Quarter, where the Ampel Mosque is located, are both thriving parts of the city. The 1945 street fight for Surabaya's freedom is commemorated by the Tugu Pahlawan (Heroes Monument).

Indonesia's main transportation centre in Surabaya. The second-busiest airport in Indonesia, Juanda International Airport, is located in the city. A significant port city, Surabaya is connected to other Indonesian metropolises by road, rail, and water. A significant industrial and commercial hub is Surabaya. Numerous sizable factories, including a steel mill and a refinery for crude oil, are located in the city. In addition to being a significant trading hub, Surabaya is a significant importer and exporter of goods. Popular tourist destinations include Surabaya. The Tugu Pahlawan, the Ampel Mosque, and Chinatown are just a few of the city's historical and cultural landmarks. In addition to having many beaches, Surabaya is a well-liked travel destination.

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