Service Fee and Charges

Service Fee and Charges

The service fees for cancellation and changes of booking and its policies can vary widely depending on the specific type of booking, Class of service, cancellation/Amendment window and the terms and conditions associated with the reservation. Please see the following details outlining the conditions for canceling or modifying a booking.

Cancellations and Refunds
Applicable to Cases such as Economy Business/First
  Domestic International Domestic International
Customer Support Representative(CSR) assisted Cancellation For Cancellation within 24 hours of reservation confirmation(USA Websites only) Upto $75 Upto $100 Upto $150 Upto $200

*Fees Per ticket & Per passenger

Cancellation & Refunds (beyond 24 hrs)
Applicable to Economy Business/First
  Domestic International Domestic International
Cancellation with Future Credit Assistance from an Customer Service Representative(CSR) Upto $100 Upto $200 Upto $200 Upto $300
Cancellation with Refund Assistance from an Customer Service Representative(CSR) Upto $150 Upto $250 Upto $250 Upto $300

*Charges applicable Per ticket and Per Passenger

Modifications/Amendments Existing Booking
Cost Of Ticket Modifications Fee Per Passenger (USD)
Under $1000 Up to $200
$1000 or more Up to $200 or 15% of ticket value whichever is higher
Special Services
Applicable to Economy Business/First
Customer Service Representative(CSR) assisted waivers Domestic International Domestic International
Upto $50 Upto $150 Upto $150 Upto $250

Fees for CSR Assistance Seeking Refund or Future Airline Credit for Listed Reasons:

  • Death/Bereavement
  • Infant
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Name Change
  • Duplicate
  • Name Correction
  • No Show
  • Reinstate
  • Routing Change
  • Ticket Validity
  • UNMR
  • Visa/Schengen Visa Issues

Different types of bookings (flights, hotels, vacation packages) may have different fee structures. The specific provider (airline, hotel chain, car rental, etc.) may also influence the cancellation and change policies. Some bookings, especially non-refundable ones, may not be eligible for any refund upon cancellation.

Our Service Fees : May Apply To Amount
Transaction Service Fees U.S. Domestic and International up to $100.00
On most airfares a service fee of up to $100 is charged on a per-passenger, per-ticket basis. *
Hotel Transaction Service Fees All Hotels up to $50.00
(per night, per room)
Car Rental Transaction Service Fees All Car Rentals up to $50.00
(per rental)

* On the payment page, service costs will be adjusted to your local currency.

** Types of passengers: adult, child, senior, newborn, student, and military

Transaction service costs are usually non-refundable and are subject to change at any time. Refundable transaction service fees apply to cancellations made within twenty-four hours of the reservation being made. Refunds for cancellations submitted after 24 hours of booking are not available for the transaction service fee.

Only the final total amount indicated will be charged to your account.

The following are certain exclusions from the above service fees:

Service fees for Reservation Center bookings: Compared to internet bookings, Reservation Center bookings (especially intricate multi-stop and global itineraries) may have higher service fees. Each passenger may be charged a service charge of $15 to $250 (or up to $125 for senior citizens).

Important Information: Service fees are all subject to change at any time, without prior warning. Regardless of any adjustments or variances in the service fees, YOU WILL BE BILLED THE FINAL TOTAL PRICE AS QUOTED. Please carefully study the entire final cost.

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